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Tasteful Tablescape

September 24th, 2015

It’s all about the presentation! A beautiful and creative tablescape to display your food can be the perfect touch to reflect your personal style and enhance your theme. Here are some great ideas on how to execute your own tablescape.


This example from The Sweetest Occasion.com shows a creative use of a dresser as a buffet. This close up view of the tablescape demonstrates a creative execution of varying heights. Floral arrangements in different containers (the mason jars in the cupcake tin and the flowers in the tall yellow container) soften the surrounding food display. The foods are also presented in varying containers. The colander, a serving platter, a scale, and mason jars are a welcomed variety versus the usual platters, bowls, and cake tiers often found on buffet lines. This eclectic mix on a unique buffet offer a creative tablescape for your event.


This tasty tablescape from lovewedbliss.com displays a colorful array of desserts. Notice the varying heights of the floral arrangements. An upside down goblet topped with a china plate creates a unique cake or dessert platter. The varying heights of the goblet stems result in an attractive height display of the desserts for this tablescape.

Don’t be afraid to go beyond the table! The banners strung across the backdrop of this tablescape provide a pleasant background to this dessert setting. Instead of using place cards to tell guests what the desserts are, this tablescape introduces flag-style displays to identify the treats. This adds to the eye catching height differences throughout the buffet. Add different dishes full of bright candy and this dessert tablescape is complete.