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Styling your wedding . . . do you rent or buy???

January 9th, 2016

Whether styling your wedding means adding an old bathtub full of beer or galvanized bucket .. buying or renting props is an amazing way to make your event different than all the rest. Sure you see it all over Pinterest but how do you execute? Do you rent or buy?

Well.. if you want to have 18 wooden boxes, 34 mason jars and 8 random whiskey barrels that you are stuck with laying around your house… Then I would suggest buy them.. but if you don’t, I would say rent! After your wedding, you are too tired and hopefully on your way to Cabo or the Bahamas… last thing you need to come home to is all that junk thrown in your house by your Mom and wedding coordinator!


Traditions have changed as have the design and decor of a wedding. Rustic and Rust to Vintage milk glass and tin cans. It can all be accomplished in unique and various ways. We… of course being a design firm are obsessed with all things out of the box. We are so obsessed, the owner came up with “Found” our very own prop rental company! While I think it is amazing excuse to shop… He of course, knows it’s another amazing way to appeal to our Brides and to make their lives easier. Just check out our amazing showroom and like us on Facebook.


If you are a photographer looking for props for a photo shoot or even a bride getting married outside our venue we are available to anyone in the Atlanta area! We want to make your day special and unique.
Come find something, because we already Found it!!

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