{The NEW Wedding Cocktail Hour}


Post wedding cocktail hour use to be a way for the wedding coordinator to buy time to flip the room, while the photographer held the Bride and Groom hostage to take those 1980’s stuffy wedding portraits. Remember those?! The Newlywed couple would spend money on food and beverage for their guests and would not even have the chance to enjoy the appetizers or a much needed drink. Hungry and parched they would show up to the reception in just enough time to be introduced, dance, cut the cake and depart. But now allow me to introduce to you “The NEW Cocktail Hour”.


In the past couple years we have noticed the Bride and Groom are making more of an effort to create their own hyped up version of what would be their personalize happy hour and now, more and more couple are showing up. Which of course if the money and effort is being spent, the wedding cocktail hour they deserve too! In some cases the Bride and Groom haven’t seen parents, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, Uncle Ed and Cousin Susie in months or sometimes years. This is not only the biggest day for you, but sometimes a family reunion of some sort. This one hour before the reception sets the tone & mood for the rest of the evening.

From the adorable miniature monogrammed sliders to the AMAZING stuffed mushrooms, which are featured at almost every event we coordinate… ( they are to die for.. if you don’t like mushrooms, you will like these.. oh my.. let me catch my breath and wipe my mouth… oh my.. there are a lot of grammatical errors in this last sentence.. but its uncontrollable, taste these and you will understand.) Allow me to start over. From the amazing appetizers, beer and wine selection, your signature drink to even games and cute patio seating that makes cute photo opportunities, your wedding cocktail hour can be very personalized and something even the wedding couple can enjoy. Check out below all the ways that we have worked with our brides to maximize all their cocktail hour opportunities.

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