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MOH can mean MAN of Honor

October 18th, 2015


…doesn’t just stand for Maid of Honor anymore! Having a Man as your Maid of Honor use to be out of the question; but recently we have been seeing more and more brides asking their best guy friend to be their “right hand man” when it comes to their big day. Thanks to movies like “Maid of Honor” starring Patrick Dempsey and Michell Monaghan, men all over are stepping up to the challenge! Here are some ideas we have for dressing him, walking down the aisle, and flowers.

Dressing Him: You want him to look masculine, but you also need to make it clear that he belongs on your side of the party. One suggestion is for him to wear a tux, but for his vest to be the same color as the bridesmaids’ dresses. How about a bow? Putting him in a color or print bowtie that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses could be a fun twist! For a bolder look have him wear a shirt that matches the bridesmaids.

Walking down the aisle: This is not a big deal, by no means does he have to walk with your honey’s Best Man! There are lots of options here beyond having him walk by himself, he could walk with a flower girl, or he could pick up a distinct single guest along the way like your sister or grandmother. There is nothing wrong with him walking side by side with the Best Man either.

Flowers: Does he have to have a bouquet too? No, after all if he is your MOH he will have to hold yours through most of the ceremony. He is your distinct guest so don’t be afraid to give him a boutonnière that does not match the groomsmen. Consider giving him something a little larger, with a variety of flowers.

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