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Cooling Down with Specialty Drinks

June 3rd, 2016

As the weather heats up and we are in the thick of a busy wedding season, beautiful wedding gatherings are taking place all over Nashville at both inside and outside venues. As a result many are turning to creative and fun ways to keep their guests cool and hydrated in order to enjoy the festivities to the fullest! From non-alcoholic beverages to signature cocktails, beverages are a wedding essential.

Let’s start with refreshing teas and see how to enhance this standard summer beverage in order to keep your guests cool and happy. Try adding fresh herbs like mint or basil to create a cool and refreshing summer tea. Citrus Fruit tea, Arnold Palmers (Tea with Lemonade) and even fresh or dried flower blooms like Hibiscus can help create bold summer flavors in tea. Of course there is the Southern Classic Sweet Tea, which has even been added to Vodka these days for a Sweet Tea infused Vodka such as Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka. This can be added to other ingredients for a cool and refreshing signature drink. How about trying a Green Tea Martini as listed below as another kick to a summer classic tea:


Green Tea Martini

1 ounce brewed green tea, chilled
1/2 ounce Grand Marnier
2 ounces Citron Vodka

Combine ingredients in a martini shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Pour into a martini glass rimmed with lime juice and sugar. Garnish with cucumber or lime slices.

A Green Tea, Melon and Ginger cocktail can also be refreshing on a hot summer day! The point is, there are many ways to have fun, summer drinks from non-alcoholic for the “tea toddlers” in the crowd to sassy tea cocktails for the hearty wedding goer.

Infused Waters are another way to keep your guests cool, hydrated and happy. A cool crisp Cucumber infused water is fabulous! Fresh herbs like Basil, Mint and even Lavender can add a wonderful taste as well. Now that summer berries are in season, what about adding a beautiful blueberry or strawberry to infuse your water. I have had both berries combined in water for a festive Fourth of July Wedding and it was lovely! Any citrus fruit like Oranges, Lemons or Limes will create refreshing infused water as well. You can use one flavor, two flavors or why not combine all three! Create away using any flavors you like in teas, waters and spirits to keep guests cool and happy during this summer wedding season!Please visit our website at to see how we can help create your personal infused beverages.
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